Mya Genie Coconut Coals Review

I’ve been trying a lot of new coals recently, and one of those brands is Mya Genie Coconut Coals. Theymya genie coconut coals are an all natural coconut shell coal like Coco Nara and similar brands. But one thing I didn’t know when I picked up the 24 pack, was that they are 24 finger style coals, not the flat rectangles. The other boxes they sell are all the normal shape, but for some reason the 24 pack comes in this style instead. For a closer look, please see the video below.

They are round instead of squared off, which presents a problem when used with foil because they tend to roll around with the vibration of the hookah. This scares me so I only use them in my lotus now haha The good thing is that they fit perfectly inside the lotus. I break one finger into 3 pieces and use them like that...

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Al Tawareg Blueberry Review

al tawareg blueberry Every now and then you come across a brand or flavor that just disappoints you, and unfortunately for me today, this is one of those flavors. I got some Al Tawareg Blueberry from my friends over at Hookah-Shisha and was excited to try it like I am for most new things. When I opened it up, I first noticed that the foil bag inside had leaked all over. I’m sure this isn’t a regular thing, but it is worth noting. Once I got the bag open and I smelled the shisha, I already knew I wasn’t going to like it much. It smells very artificial and overly sweet. Not like a candy artificial either, just plain artificial.

I loaded it up anyway, I put it in my harmony bowl and used my lotus with 3 coals. The clouds are okay, this stuff is fairly juicy so thats not really surprising...

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Coco Mazaya Coals Review

Coco Mazaya CoalsI have tried quite a few coals since I started smoking hookah, mostly to experiment. Most of them are the same, some are slightly better. One of the better ones is Coco Nara, and today’s review is going to be on a brand made my the same people, Coco Mazaya. Basically, Coco Naras originally came in two shapes, cubes and flat rectangles. Then eventually the two shapes split into two different brands, even though they are made by the same people. You can come to expect the same high quality from Coco Mazaya that you can from Coco Nara, just in cube form.

I grabbed these simply because I wanted to try something different. I usually use 3 in my Kaloud Lotus, but they work great with foil as well...

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Romman Blackberry Shisha Review

Romman Blackberry ShishaRomman is a brand that I have recently tried and loved so I wanted to write a review here for you guys. The flavor I tried is Romman Blackberry, which is a flavor I wouldn’t have normally chosen for myself because I’m honestly not a fan of blackberries in any form. However, this stuff was gifted to me from my friends over at Hookah-Shisha so of course I had to give it a whirl. Plus, it didn’t hurt that it smells amazing, it smells like a very natural and delicious fresh berry, or maybe even a blackberry pie filling.

I loaded it up in my Harmony bowl with a Kaloud Lotus and 2 Coco Mazaya coals, on top of my KM Trimetal. The clouds were good, this stuff is quite juicy so with good heat management you can get pretty decent clouds out of it...

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Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill Review

Fumari Mint Chocolate ChillI picked up some Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill because I had heard such good things about it, and I was not let down. This is easily one of my favorite Fumari flavors so far. The cut is just like typical Fumari, finely chopped, very very juicy and not dyed. It smells like an Andes candy, the chocolates you get after your meal at Olive Garden. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, I think its the perfect blend.

My set up is a KM Trimetal with a harmony bowl and Kaloud Lotus with 3 Gaia Coco coals inside. Fumari can take a good deal of heat because it’s so juicy. It also produces huge clouds for the same reason. The taste is spot on to the smell, a nice cooling menthol flavor with a subtle slightly sweet chocolate in the background. It’s a very enjoyable flavor and perfect for summer...

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Khalil Mamoon Hookah Sale at!

Khalil Mamoon HookahIf you have researched at all about the hookah world, then you have likely heard of the world famous brand of hookahs, Khalil Mamoon. Made by hand in Egypt, these are what many consider to be the best hookahs on the market. Each one comes fitted with welded, one piece stems and a wide-bore hose connection for a bigger draw and bigger clouds. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are my favorite as well, I personally own a KM Trimetal and it has been treating me quite well. Paired with a nice wide draw washable hose, it’s the best rig you could ask for.

My point here is that if you’re looking for a new pipe and you want quality that will last a lifetime, then you need a Khalil Mamoon hookah, and you are in luck because they are currently on sale over at Hookah-Shisha...

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Nammor Nile Hookah Contest!


I am super excited to finally announce that I am doing my first ever Hookah Hooligan contest! Thanks to the kind folks over at Hookah-Shisha who supplied me with these products to give away, I will be sending one Nammor Nile hookah package to one lucky winner. This contest is open to anyone worldwide, as long as I can ship to you(and you are over the age of 18), you can win! Included in this hookah package will be the following items:

  • 1 Nammor Nile Hookah Stem, Tray, and Base
  • 1 Washable Hookah Hose
  • 1 Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl
  • 1 Hookah Stem Cleaning Brush
  • 1 16 Pack of Gaia Coconut Coals
  • 1 Pack of Precut Foils
  • 1 Pair of Tongs

The only thing missing is tobacco, unfortunately in order to make this contest open to everyone worldwide, I can’t include any shisha in the package...

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DeCloud Shisha Fruits Review

decloud shisha fruitsI have something quite different to review today. I’ve had these DeCloud Shisha Fruits for a few days now and I’ve been hesitant to try them because they looked really weird. I got two flavors to try out and the raspberry one basically looks like raspberry jam, see the video below for a closer look at them. I also got mint, which is just mint leaves soaked in glycerin. For this review I have mixed the two flavors in layers, raspberry on the bottom and mint on the top. My set up is a Nammor Furat with a Vortex bowl and 2 Coco Naras.

The clouds are great, I was getting nice big clouds just 5 minutes in...

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Fantasia Vapor Stones Cuban Mojito Review

fantasia vapor stones cuban mojitoToday I have a review that was requested by one of my viewers on YouTube. Fantasia Vapor Stones are something I stayed away from because I prefered Shiazo when it came to steam stones, but I was intrigued by the Cuban Mojito so I decided to go for it since someone wanted to see it anyway. They come in a jar with lots and lots of juice, more than other brands, and the juice is very thick and dyed.

The smell on these is strong, you definitely can’t mistake the lime and the mint is nice and subtle, not overpowering. They also come with a little spoon that folds up inside the jar so you can scoop them into the bowl. But it gets covered in juice so I just used a regular spoon, not a big deal, but I figured I’d mention it since no other brand does this(that I know of)...

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Hydro Herbal Citrus Twist Review

hydro herbal citrus twistHello there fellow hookah lovers! Jen here with another review for you. I’m reviewing some Hydro Herbal Citrus Twist today, I felt like having something that wasn’t too complicated and lemon lime seemed like a good idea. It took me a while to open this stuff because it smelled sort of like Pledge furniture polish, and that wasn’t very appealing. But now that I’m finally smoking it I’m glad that it doesn’t taste like that! haha

The cut is just like any other Hydro Herbal, looks like shredded up pine needles or wood splinters, but its actually made out of sugar cane, the by product of molasses. It isn’t too juicy, but definitely not dry either, a nice happy medium. It’s also dyed yellow...

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