DeCloud Shisha Fruits Review

decloud shisha fruitsI have something quite different to review today. I’ve had these DeCloud Shisha Fruits for a few days now and I’ve been hesitant to try them because they looked really weird. I got two flavors to try out and the raspberry one basically looks like raspberry jam, see the video below for a closer look at them. I also got mint, which is just mint leaves soaked in glycerin. For this review I have mixed the two flavors in layers, raspberry on the bottom and mint on the top. My set up is a Nammor Furat with a Vortex bowl and 2 Coco Naras.

The clouds are great, I was getting nice big clouds just 5 minutes in...

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Fantasia Vapor Stones Cuban Mojito Review

fantasia vapor stones cuban mojitoToday I have a review that was requested by one of my viewers on YouTube. Fantasia Vapor Stones are something I stayed away from because I prefered Shiazo when it came to steam stones, but I was intrigued by the Cuban Mojito so I decided to go for it since someone wanted to see it anyway. They come in a jar with lots and lots of juice, more than other brands, and the juice is very thick and dyed.

The smell on these is strong, you definitely can’t mistake the lime and the mint is nice and subtle, not overpowering. They also come with a little spoon that folds up inside the jar so you can scoop them into the bowl. But it gets covered in juice so I just used a regular spoon, not a big deal, but I figured I’d mention it since no other brand does this(that I know of)...

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Hydro Herbal Citrus Twist Review

hydro herbal citrus twistHello there fellow hookah lovers! Jen here with another review for you. I’m reviewing some Hydro Herbal Citrus Twist today, I felt like having something that wasn’t too complicated and lemon lime seemed like a good idea. It took me a while to open this stuff because it smelled sort of like Pledge furniture polish, and that wasn’t very appealing. But now that I’m finally smoking it I’m glad that it doesn’t taste like that! haha

The cut is just like any other Hydro Herbal, looks like shredded up pine needles or wood splinters, but its actually made out of sugar cane, the by product of molasses. It isn’t too juicy, but definitely not dry either, a nice happy medium. It’s also dyed yellow...

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Gaia Coconut Coal Review

gaia coconut coalsI snagged a small 16 piece box of the Gaia Coconut Coals from Hookah-Shisha and I like them a lot so I decided to review them. They are roughly the same size as a Coco Nara coal and about the same density as well, maybe slightly more dense. They take about 5-7 minutes to light, depending on the burner you’re using and they hardly smell at all. My problem with Chronic Hookah Coals is that they smell weird when lighting and it sticks around for a little while. These aren’t like that at all, there is a slight campfire smell when they first start lighting but it goes away after 2 or 3 minutes.

These will last around an hour and a half if you’re using a windcover or a Kaloud Lotus, and a little bit less if you aren’t. This is the same as Coco Naras for me...

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Shiazo Steam Stones Grapefruit Review

shiazo steam stones grapefruitIf you’re looking for a realistic and refreshing grapefruit flavor, Shiazo Steam Stones Grapefruit is it! They are one of my new favorite flavors and I decided to go ahead and review them for you guys. For anyone who might not know, steam stones are a no tobacco, no tar, and usually no nicotine version of smoking. They’re great for people in countries where shisha is hard to get, or for people who just don’t like smoke. They are made with stones that are soaked in a glycerin and flavoring mixture, and when heated with coals, produce vapor instead of smoke.

The smell on these is just like real grapefruit, when you slice open a fruit, thats what these smell like. No chemical smell, no artificial smell, just grapefruit. The clouds are huge, with proper heat management anyway...

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Hookafina Raspberry Peach E Juice Review

hookafina raspberry peach e juiceI haven’t done an e hookah or vape review in a while so I decided to do one on Hookafina Raspberry Peach E Juice. I’ve enjoyed this flavor a lot since I got it and will definitely be vaping it throughout the summer. I’m not a very heavy vaper, I mostly just take it with me when I go out and can’t have my hookah. But I can definitely see myself using it more with this flavor. The smell is just like fresh natural peaches, you can’t detect much raspberry, just a small hint, but its still smells amazing.

The small vape set up I have doesn’t produce the biggest clouds, but this juice brings out the best of it and I really like that. The set up I use is a Halo Triton Tank system, which I have reviewed before. Check out the video below for some cloud action...

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VooDoo Steam Stones Passion Spell Review

voodoo steam stones passion spell reviewAs you guys know, I was not a fan of the VooDoo Steam Stones Strawberry flavor, as written in my review which you can find here if you so choose. But I am happy to report that this next review has taken a positive turn and I’ve enjoyed the Passion Spell flavor much more. If you didn’t guess by the name, it is a passion fruit flavor and it smells amazing. Very fruity and actually not overly sweet like most tropical fruit flavors out there. I’ve never actually had a passion fruit before, but if I were to guess how they smelled, I suppose this would be it! haha

The clouds are what you would expect from a steam stone, big and fluffy. While they aren’t as big as some other brands like Shiazo produce, they are still quite good. There is video review below where you can see for yourself...

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Shiazo Steam Stones Cappuccino Review

shiazo steam stones cappuccino reviewI love a good coffee inspired flavor, so when I picked up these Shiazo Steam Stones in the Cappuccino flavor from Hookah-Shisha I had really high hopes, and thankfully, I was not let down! Shiazo is easily the best brand of steam stones out there and these are no different. I loaded them up in my vortex bowl and was so happy with the results.

As always with any steam stones, the clouds were huge and fluffy and lasted over an hour. Check out the video below to see how the clouds look. I usually use 3 coconut coals with Shiazo because they handle heat well without getting harsh, other brands aren’t like that and can sting your throat if you use more than 2 coals.

The taste on these is amazing, it’s a nice coffee taste with hints of chocolate and a little bit of nutty-ness...

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Hookah Hookah Evolution Guava Review

hookah hookah evolution guavaHookah Hookah has been around for quite some time, their line of shisha is very popular and they are known for their interesting flavors like peanut butter and root beer. After a while, they came out with a line of tea shisha, an herbal blend of tea leaves and flavorings that are meant for people who don’t want a buzz or tobacco products. This line of tea shisha is called Hookah Hookah Evolution. I have a handful of flavors to review for you guys even though it’s been out for a while, it’s nice to get a new opinion on things, right? Anyway, I’m starting off with the guava flavor.

It smells like a guava should smell, sweet, fruity, delicious. It’s pretty strong but not overpowering. The cut is actually kind of large choppy tea leaves that are dark in color and fairly juicy...

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Fantasia Pink Lemonade Review

fantasia pink lemonadeTheres nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of lemonade, except for maybe an ice cold glass of pink lemonade. At least, that’s what I was thinking when I picked up a 50 gram pack of Fantasia’s Pink Lemonade shisha to try out. Is it a nice fresh smoke though? Keep reading to find out!

The cut is typical Fantasia, super juicy, dyed, and finely chopped. Easy to load as always. I plopped it into my vortex bowl with 2 Coco Nara coals and it worked just fine. The clouds will be on par with what you would expect, big white puffy thunder clouds that are fun to play with. You can probably get bigger clouds by adding a third coal, but I like to conserve them and I like the flavor more than the clouds anyway.

Speaking of the flavor, it’s a fairly mild lemon zest kind of taste with a hint o...

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