Tangiers Peach Cobbler Review

Tangiers Peach CobblerThere is one brand in particular that makes really good peach flavors, and that is Tangiers. This time I decided to pick up Tangiers Peach Cobbler and see what it has to offer aside from that delicious peach that I already know and love.

Brand: Tangiers Birquq

Flavor: Peach Cobbler

Container Size: 250g

Smell: Right off the bat you get a really juicy candied peach smell paired with a fresh peach smell. Its a blend between the two. As for the cobbler part, it is very hard to pick out, you can get subtle hints of cinnamon or maybe vanilla if you really think hard about it. It is definitely more mild than the standalone peach flavors that Tangiers produces.

Cut: Very finely chopped and dark in color, moderately juicy.

Clouds: You can get great clouds from Tangiers with proper heat managem...

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Social Smoke Pandoras Box Review

Social Smoke Pandoras BoxIn order to help me keep up with new reviews on this site I’m changing the format a bit, it will be a little shorter, but hopefully will be easier for you guys to pick out the information you want from each review rather than having to read through everything. I will of course also include a video version as well!

Today’s review is on Social Smoke Pandora’s box, which is a nice blend of cherry and cinnamon. The name means nothing as far as I know, I’m not sure why its called that haha

Brand: Social Smoke

Flavor: Pandoras Box

Container Size: 100g

Smell: A nice strong dark cherry smell to it, with spicy notes of cinnamon. Its not really a natural smelling cherry, its more of a candy like smell. Very sweet, but not so much that it smells like medicine.

Cut: Typical Social Smoke stuff, choppy,...

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Hookafina Pink Grapefruit Shisha Review

Hookafina Pink Grapefruit ReviewI’ve heard tons of good things about Hookafina Pink Grapefruit so I just had to try it, I’m a big fan of grapefruit, both the fruit and shisha flavors so I had pretty high hopes. Thankfully I was not let down. The cut is very finely chopped, almost like it was ground up. Its juicy but not too juicy and very very easy to pack. It smells like a fresh grapefruit with sugar sprinkled on it. You can even pick up a bit of bitterness that reminds me a lot of an actual grapefruit.

The flavor us very much the same as the smell, its delightfully fresh tasting and refreshing. I love that it tastes like a real grapefruit and not a candy and the slight bitterness is awesome too. I highly suggest trying this flavor if you like citrus. Its also a great mixer with other fruits and mint as well...

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Mazaya Tobacco Orange Chocolate Shisha Review

mazaya orange chocolate reviewI haven’t tried too many Mazaya Tobacco flavors, but I did do two previous reviews that you can find on my YouTube Channel. I figured it was time to go ahead and try out something new again so I went for the mazaya orange chocolate flavor. I’ve been super curious about it for a while now but it seemed odd so I never ordered it, but now I have it so I can do this review. The cut is very similar to Al Fakher, but without the red dye, its easy to pack and heat manage as well.

The smell is hard to get used to, but it is good, it smells exactly like orange and chocolate. But the combination just weirded me out a little because I guess I’ve never smelled something like that before haha. The chocolate part is more of a dark chocolate, so its not as sweet and creamy as a milk chocolate would be...

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Hookafina Smores Shisha Review

hookafina smores reviewI haven’t done a review on any Hookafina flavors recently so I decided to dive back in and grab some to check out, I chose the Hookafina Smores flavor because it sounded like a new and different and possibly delicious dessert type smoke. And for the most part, I was right. The cut is very different now with Hookafina, its almost ground up, very small chopped leaves but also very easy to pack. Its not as juicy as it used to be either. Though, that also makes it somewhat easier to pack. There were a lot of stems in this batch, but they are so finely chopped that it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

The smell on this is like a toasted marshmallow with hints of something that is reminiscent of artificial graham cracker. It almost reminds me of butterscotch...

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Haze 5 Cents A Cup Shisha Review

Haze 5 cents a cupI’ve been on a big Haze kick lately, they just have so many good flavors coming out lately. Today I’m reviewing Haze 5 Cents a Cup, which is a fancy name for a pink lemonade flavor. It smells like a nice strong lemon with some sweetness to it, but there is also a nice tart raspberry in the background, I would have to guess thats whats supposed to be making the lemonade pink and not just yellow. I also get a bit of a cooling agent from it, not really a mint but more of a mild menthol or something like that.

You can get big clouds very easily from Haze, which is one of the reasons its so popular. I throw 3 coals on it packed in my tangiers small bowl and it works great. The flavor of this is superb, its nice and sweet, tart and almost mouth watering...

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Al Fakher Strawberry With Cream Shisha Review

al fakher strawberry with creamAl Fakher Strawberry with Cream is one my new favorite flavors. It was released a year or two ago with a few other cream flavors like grape with cream, orange with cream and I believe also a mint with cream. I just never got around to trying them until now. Thanks to my friend over at Skylife Sessions for sending me some to try out, I now get the chance to do so!

At first when I opened it I was a little worried because it smelled very much like chemicals, but once I let it air out for a few minutes it smells like strawberry jam with some creamy notes, the smell is actually very strong and lingers around if you leave the container open. I would definitely burn a candle with this smell if I could find one, it smells great! haha

The flavor is great too, I packed it in my Tangiers small phunne...

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Nakhla Mango Shisha Review

nakhla mango shishaNakhla Mango is unfortunately one of those flavors that I just cannot recommend to anyone. I am a big fan of Nakhla tobacco but this particular flavor is not very good. I don’t like to post negative reviews, and I rarely do so. So I apologize for this.

Upon opening this 50 gram box of shisha I noticed the smell was very…soapy, almost as if it was a very cheap mango scented candle. It had a very soapy/waxy artificial smell to it and I was a little worried about smoking it. But I loaded it up in my egyptian clay bowl anyway and proceeded to smoke. I couldn’t even finish the bowl. I hate to say this but it just tasted plain bad, no mango, no sweetness, just a strange soapiness and bitterness.

I’m very sorry to say that if you are looking to try Nakhla, don’t start with mango...

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Hookah John Flavor Saver Review

The hookah john flavor saverHookah John Flavor Saver is a neat little invention that is meant to keep you from burning your tobacco, which in turns, gives you better flavor. Hence the term, flavor saver. I have been using mine for a while now so I think its fair to do a review. I have some mixed feelings about this product, but I don’t think its bad so please keep reading.

First of all, I have modified mine a little bit, I didn’t like how the long handle kept me from being able to use my wind cover, so I bent it so that I could use them together. I’ve seen some people cut theirs off as well. But if you don’t mind not being able to use a wind cover, then you’ll be just fine. My other issue with it is that while it does prevent burning, I always have to use an extra coal to get the flavor and clouds that I want...

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Tangiers Orange Soda Shisha Review

tangiers orange sodaThis is my first review of the highly acclaimed Tangiers hookah tobacco. While I have smoked it several times in the past, I haven’t reviewed it here yet. First up is Tangiers Orange Soda, from the birquq line. For those who may not know, Tangiers comes in a handful of lines, varying in nicotine content. I have the lowest one, called birquq.

The smell of this is insane, it smells exactly like Fanta orange soda. Surprisingly enough it doesn’t smell much like chemicals, which you would think a soda flavor would. I packed this nice and dense in my harmony phunnel bowl with the kaloud lotus and 3 titanium coals. Tangiers requires a different packing style than most other brands, so if you’re new to this, look up a few tutorials on youtube before hand, it’ll save you the trouble =)

The taste o...

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