Starbuzz White Chai Shisha Review

starbuzz white chai reviewDespite its name, Starbuzz White Chai is actually a spiced peach flavor. The name kind of bothers me because its not really accurate at all, but the flavor is decent so I suppose I can let it slide. The cut is regular Starbuzz, choppy and sticky with juice. It smells like peach and vanilla with a slight spiced note, too light to tell what spices though.

The clouds are good. My issue is with the flavor strength, I went through almost the entire pack just trying to get it to smoke well, I always got good clouds, no burning, but it just tasted like nothing. Finally, this session, its way better. But still very light, especially for being in the “Bold” Starbuzz line. I get some peach notes and some vanilla too, and a little bit of spice, but overall its a very mellow smoke...

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Fumari French Vanilla Shisha Review

Ffumari french vanilla shisha reviewumari French Vanilla is a very basic flavor, but it can’t hurt to do a review anyway, right? Good! haha I usually use vanilla flavors for mixing, but since this is a review I decided to smoke it on its own. The cut is extremely juicy, like all Fumari, and the leaves are finely chopped up with almost no stems in the bag. The smell is very light, but you can pick up some sweetness and almost like a vanilla cake type smell from it. This is not like a true vanilla bean flavor though.

The clouds are amazing, and certainly wont disappoint anyone as long as you have packed your bowl correctly and used the proper amount of heat. 2-3 natural coconut coals on a small to medium sized bowl will work perfectly. The taste is very mild, its sweet and again, its like cake, but its very very light...

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Haze Blazen Blue Shisha Review

haze blazen blue shisha reviewHey whats up guys?! I hope everyone has had a great first month of 2015, I know I have! I’m back with a review of Haze Blazen Blue, I got a small sample bag from a friend and I figured why not review it. This is more of a first impressions for me because I only have enough for one bowl, so keep in mind that I haven’t fully tested this flavor like I normally would.

The cut is typical haze, medium to large cut with lots of juice. The smell on this is going to be very similar to Starbuzz blue mist, a strong blueberry flavor with a little bit of cooling effect. Basically, its a blueberry mint flavor. The clouds are huge, much like any other Haze flavor, it can take a lot of heat so don’t be afraid to add an extra coal on there if you are cloud chasing...

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Starbuzz Watermelon Freeze Shisha Review

starbuzz watermelon freeze reviewStarbuzz Watermelon Freeze is an oldie but goodie for me, it was one of my favorite flavors when I first got into hookah, and even though I haven’t had it in years, I’m revisiting it recently because I got some from a friend. Its pretty much what it sounds like, watermelon with a nice cooling effect. Its not mint, its just menthol, so if you aren’t a fan of the taste of mint, this one will be fine for you. It smells like a nice mix between a candy watermelon and a fresh ripe watermelon, with a touch of menthol. Its not overwhelmingly cold so this flavor should be okay for people who aren’t into mint or menthol as well.

My set up for this review is a tangiers pico bowl, 2 coco mazaya coals, and my KM trimetal hookah...

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Al Fakher Guava Shisha Review

I amAl Fakher Guava Review a huge fan of guava flavors, they are typically very sweet and fruity. Al Fakher Guava is no different, and it’s one of my favorites too. AF is a good beginner tobacco because its light on nicotine, easy to pack and in general a very good brand. Guava is one of their staple flavors and certainly worth trying. It smells like a nice sweet and tropical fruit that you will recognize right out of the package. The cut is choppy and dyed dark red, like most Al Fakher.

I loaded this up in my Tangiers pico bowl with 2 coco mazaya coals and used my KM Trimetal hookah. I also tend to use a windcover on and off to manage heat. You should be able to get good clouds with no problem, just pack it right and use the right amount of heat. 2 or 3 coals will work great depending on the size of your bowl.

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Starbuzz Maximus Hookah Hose Review

starbuzz maximus hookah hose reviewIt’s always a good idea to have a nice washable hose on hand, I’m a huge fan of the Fancy Hose, or Nuhose, its cheap, simple, easy to clean, and they work. But they don’t look that nice, regardless of how well they perform. I wanted something that looked nicer for when I do video reviews, and I originally got a yellow wrapped Nammor hose, which works great and everything, but I honestly hate how but the heel end of the hose is, it sticks out of my hookah a good 10 inches or so and it bothers me. So I went ahead and spent the money on a Starbuzz Maximus hose. It costs a pretty penny compared to my $6 fancy hoses, but it seemed good enough.

Once I got it I tested it out for about a month before I did a review on it...

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Fantasia Gingerbread Shisha Review

fantasia gingerbread shisha reviewWhen I was choosing what I wanted to review for this winter season, I decided to get some wintery type flavors. One of them included Fantasia Gingerbread, which I have never tried before but have heard a few good things about. Fantasia isn’t one of my go to brands, but they do have a few flavors that I enjoy from time to time. This one smells like cookies when you open it, not quite gingerbread, but more of a sweet freshly baked cookie type smell. It reminds me slightly of snickerdoodle cookies because it has a little bit of a cinnamon note to it.

My set up for this review was an alien mini phunnel bowl(awesome choice for a quick one round of coals session), kaloud lotus, and 3 coco mazaya coals on top of my KM Trimetal hookah. The clouds are awesome, but I did pack on the heat...

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Decloud Shisha Fruits Banana Review

decloud shisha fruits bananaI’ve reviewed the Decloud Shisha Fruits before, and I honestly didn’t plan on getting more afterwards, they were just okay. But based on a suggestion from Paul over at, I decided to pick up a few more flavors. Today I’m reviewing the Decloud Shisha Fruits Banana flavor. I know I just reviewed Haze Bananarama, but oh well! haha

If you didn’t already know, these are literally chopped up fruit soaked in juices. No tobacco or nicotine here. They smell like super sweet banana candy, almost like runts. I smell a little bit of caramel too but I’m not sure why. I used my KM Trimetal, a Tangiers pico bowl, and 2 Chronic Hookah Coals. The clouds on these are insane, because they are all glycerin and flavoring they produce massive billowing clouds...

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Haze Bananarama Review

haze_bananaramaThere are very few good banana flavors out there, for some reason all you can find is super sweet candy ones or really mild and weak ones. But Haze Bananarama has taken a different spin on it by making a banana bread type flavor. When you smell it you get hints of cinnamon and sweet banana and almost like a cooling effect from it. Its way more than just…banana. The cut is pretty big for a modern tobacco, but you can always use scissors to chop it up more if you don’t like that, I’ve had no problems packing it as is though.

My set up is a KM Trimetal, Harmony Bowl, Kaloud Lotus and two Chronic Hookah Coals. The clouds are decent, some people like to add a 3rd coal on because Haze is good at taking heat...

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Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie Review

Starbuzz_Pumpkin_PieNovember is almost over and that means fall is just about over too, but I felt it was the right time of year to grab a good pumpkin pie flavor to enjoy for the season. I decided on Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie because its one of the ones I could find in a small 50g pack. It smells nice and sweet, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and all those pumpkin pie spices we love so much. You can also smell a little bit of creamyness in it which is nice.

The clouds are typical Starbuzz quality, nice and thick and puffy white clouds. My set up for this review is a KM Trimetal with a Tangiers Pico Bowl, 2 Titanium Coals and a windcover. With a set up like that, or a similar one, you will have no problem getting good clouds. As for the flavor, you get a nice blend of spices with a tiny bit of cream to it...

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